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Introduction To JAMF Now

Jamf Now is a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices in your workplace. Designed to make the complex tasks simple so you can focus on business. It’s fast and easy to get started with up to 3 devices free. To get started, click here.

Telecom – John Keetley, NEC

Telecom has become a very big area of choice and understanding since the advent of using data to deliver voice services. There are so many ways to provide the voice services that customers need for their business. Let me count the ways………. Traditional premise based purchase and lease Many businesses are still quite happy to…

OK Google

Do you dream of having your own assistant? Someone to update your calendar or remind you of upcoming appointments? An assistant that does anything you want so that you can boost your productivity? Meet your Google Assistant! When you’re on the go, you can say “OK Google” to your Android phone or tablet to start…

Spring Cleaning Your PC

Ah, it’s spring time, one of my favorite times of the year. The Canada Goose makes its triumphant return from south of the border, the kids are riding their bikes in the neighborhoods dodging loud motorcycles, and the lawn looks, well, blah to be honest. It’s the time of the year when we are reminded…

Big News!

April 6th, 2018 Phone Experts Security Clients  We have rebranded to Expert Security Solutions.   The Phone Experts is pleased to announce that effective March 22, 2018 our Security Division has rebranded to Expert Security Solutions. As a valued customer you should know that we have a new look and a new name, but we are…
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Read an all too common real life story of the vulnerabilities your computer network may be subject to. In the world of IT there is one day of the week that always seems to bring on a flurry of frantic support phone calls, that day is Monday.  With most office staff taking the weekend off,…
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Check out these quick how to guides for replacing the batteries on your Phone Experts security & safety devices. Motion Detector Slide sensor up to remove off mounting plate. Flip over Replace with 4 AA batteries. Door Contact Place flat head screwdriver in slot on short side of contact & lift upwards. Lift cover off….
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Check out these quick how to guides for replacing the batteries on your Phone Experts DSC Neo security & safety devices. Motion Detector Undo screw on bottom of device. Carefully lift top cover off as it is hooked at the top of the device. Pull back the tab holding the circuit board in place to…
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Check out these quick how to guides for replacing the batteries on your Phone Experts GE security & safety devices. Motion Detector Depress tab on top of motion detector Pull away from wall. Depress three tabs on back of motion simultaneously (two on top & one on the bottom) Pull apart. Replace with 2 AA…