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The Way We Communicate Is Changing Rapidly. Is Your Business Phone System Ready?

We work with our customers to determine their business needs while assisting them in understanding the difference between the technologies. We investigate to determine if a customer requires physical desk phones or if the business would function better with a cloud-based solution that allows employees to switch between physical desk phones & mobile applications. The type of voice and internet service the customer location is qualified for also assists in determining which product would be the best fit for the customer. We ensure we are providing the best solution keeping the customers budget in mind. Our solutions will improve the way your business communicates. All our telephone solutions can utilize VoIP technology. Expert Business Solutions is a Leading Provider for Business Internet, Mobility Solutions and Business Phone Systems in Red Deer.

Got Questions About Business Phone Systems?

Feel free to ask us anything about your current business phone system. We are only interested in making sure you have the right system for your business.

What is VoIP Technology?

VoIP – technology that is used to transfer voice into a digital signal, allowing calls to be made from data supported devices. This technology can also be referred to a IP telephony, broadband telephony or broadband phone service.

NEC provides a suite of highly intuitive desktop telephones, onsite wireless systems & desktop softphones, making NEC Business Phone Systems on of the best on the market.  The NEC Solution provides the workplace with the equipment necessary so employees can act quickly whether responding to a call or when reaching out to someone.  Advanced features and customizable options are available to provide the most suitable flexibility when connecting from a desktop phone, PC or mobile device.

Panasonic has announced that Business Communication Solutions will be phased out of the market. Panasonic has committed to supply hardware through to January 2023, and The Phone Experts is committed to provide technical support, maintenance and service of your Panasonic system for as long as parts are available.

As a leading provider of Business Communication solutions, we offer next-generation hosted or voice platform communication solutions. We work with our customers to determine their business needs and products that are the best fit.

Hosted Cloud Based Solutions

Hosted Cloud Based Solutions combine a phone system, chat, video, screen sharing & conference calling into a seamless experience that allows users to work from just about anywhere. A hosted phone system usually hosts the servers & applications for the phone system out of a data center rather than on the customer’s premise. Contact us to discuss your business requirements and find the best solution to fit your business

Headsets For Your Business Phone System

Headsets allow employees to sit up straight & relax their shoulders at all times. Wireless headsets provide users the flexibility to be able to complete other tasks around the office while still answering the calls such as filling, asking a colleague a question, or answering the door.

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