Top Industries That Need Two-Way Radios

Although mobile devices such as smartphones have revolutionized the business world, they are still not up for every challenge. Mobile devices have their fair share of drawbacks. Not only are they time-consuming, but they are also fragile. Initiating a conversation on mobile devices may involve multiple steps, such as dialing the number, leaving a voicemail, waiting for an answer, and even launching a conference call. They also come with monthly charges, which can be costly. Who needs 2 way radios anymore?

Many industries and jobs demand a more professional and expedient communications technology. A two-way radio system is appropriate in an environment that requires instant communications. Such efficiency and speed save money and time, and it may even save lives. Here are industries that rely on two-way radios.

Construction Industries

Employees in this sector are always on the move, transporting materials and operating machines. There is little room for errors or hassle in this sector. Two-way radios in these companies should be affordable, light, and durable.

Contractors and Plumbers

Contractors and plumbers work in small teams dispersed throughout a worksite. They require two-way radios to help coordinate employees and keep them safe from potential harm. They also need communication technology that is easy to use and can withstand some beating up.

Learning Institutions

Nowadays, learning institutions seem like cities or miniature villages. Maintenance staff, administrators, and teachers are scattered around the school. This means that the school’s safety and efficiency can be compromised if the administrators lack professional communication technology. Investing in two-way communication technology can bridge communications between administrators and maintenance workers, teachers, and janitors. Staff members can also use two-way radios to communicate with each other.

Security Personnel

Security professionals rely on two-way radios for their daily activities, which may entail routine monitoring and maintaining order. This technology provides a constant flow of information and also facilitates a quick mobilization of resources. Security operations require durable and high-wattage radios that can also withstand wear and tear while they are relaying information.

The type of radio that you choose depends on what industry you’re in as well as the location where you’ll be using the radio. For instance, a radio that’s perfect for outdoor activities may not be ideal for indoor activities. No matter what industry you’re in Red Deer or Calgary, you’ll want to get the best two-way radio for your operations.

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