Security Advantages of Business Internet

When you pay for a business internet plan, you are paying for more than great speeds and reliability; you are also paying for a more robust array of security features than you would have if you were only using a residential program. Here is a rundown of some of the security features that are available on a business internet plan.

Advanced Security Options

A good business internet plan will include an enterprise grade modem and more advanced security options, including added levels of encryption.

Additional security features are available for more peace of mind: 

  • Next generation firewall services 
  • Email Protection against spam and viruses 
  • Managed Secure Authentication to prevent unauthorized access 
  • Vulnerability assessments to uncover weaknesses in your network and infrastructure and deliver insights on how to better protect your data.
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection Plus, with mitigation provided within 180 second

These added features are extremely important for business internet plans as your network will not only have your own financial information but may also have highly sensitive credit cards and personal information of your customers.

Access to Security Professionals

In the event that your network is breached or you have any security questions or concerns, you will want to talk to a professional as soon as possible. A residential internet plan may not be able to answer these questions or help address your concerns, but a business plan will. These professionals will have the expertise to help you mitigate the damage from a breach and be able to advise you on better ways to protect your network, including taking advantage of all of the built-in systems that are available to you thanks to your purchase of an appropriate business internet plan.

Improved Monitoring

Any business internet plan needs to give you the appropriate tools to monitor who is using your network. An Enterprise Grade Business Internet will provide you access to Web-based live reporting. If necessary, you also be able to track from where users are accessing your network. If you see someone attempting to access your network from out of the country, you should be able to identify this threat and shut it down. These features are generally not available on residential plans.

If you live in the Red Deer or Calgary area, you’re lucky; you have some amazing internet providers to choose from when it comes to getting a business internet plan. Make sure you select a plan that offers you the best possible security features for you and your business.

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