The workplace has developed exponentially over the last decade. Employees are no longer obliged to be bound to their office workstations in order to be effective. Millions of remote workers, as well as employees who are always on the move, are now part of the workplace ecosystem.

As a result, businesses are constantly trying to adapt and equip their workers with the necessary tools. This allows them to stay in touch with their coworkers while remaining practically efficient.

Unified communications, or UC, is one of the few technologies that has a record of giving organizations the tools they need to work from anywhere. All you need to do is ensure that you select a solid UC platform.

About Unified Communications

Unified communications can be best described as a system that integrates a variety of enterprise communication methods. VoIP, instant messaging, video conferencing, business phones, and other services are all combined into a single application.

A unified communications system is best suited for businesses. This is especially if they want to improve team communication and team collaboration, stimulate optimal data use, and enable remote connectivity. The actual power of UC lies in the profound change it delivers to the way we collaborate with one another. This is an essential success element when working remotely with a distributed workforce.

The Advantages of Using Unified Communications for Your Remote Team

The advantages of unified communications are vast for teams large and small, in-office and remote. The following are its primary benefits:

  • Business Continuity: UC ensures that businesses operate as they would if everyone were in the same office.
  • Mobility: Because of the ability to work from everywhere, physical boundaries and interruptions are no longer an issue. With UC technology, the communications environment is completely long-ranged, and the organization can survive any uncertainties.
  • Collaboration: Employees who use unified communications are linked to their colleagues. Chat, presence, video conferencing, and file sharing are some of the tools that help with this.
  • Productivity: Remote workers may acquire the information and answers they need in a timely manner. This provides for more rapid, flexible, and efficient decision-making.

Things to Consider in Choosing A Strong UC Solutions Partner

Choosing the correct technology partner for your integrated hybrid work deployment will help your company succeed now and in the future. In selecting a technological partner, consider the following:

  • Integration Capability – The major goal should be to be able to provide thorough assistance in building a variety of integrated solutions that are appropriate for your firm. Inquire about their off-the-shelf products and whether they can provide custom solutions if your company needs them.
  • Best Integration Portfolio – A smart technology partner will be able to take a holistic perspective of your business and match your solution to your needs. The process includes learning about each component of your technological infrastructure, how it relates to business operations, and what solutions are available.
  • Specialized Knowledge – They should have professionals on standby to assist with deployment, in addition to extensive expertise. They should have gained knowledge through assisting several companies in making the move to their specialized technology. They may assist with design, planning, integration, implementation, and communication to your entire staff, allowing everyone to get started as quickly as feasible.

Integrated Technology Partner in TELUS Business Connect

Given the importance of unified communications, remote work should not be undertaken without a plan. An effective UC strategy will integrate the many communication technologies and services available to an enterprise.

Consider how much more productive and adaptable employees can be. On a computer, tablet, or smartphone, they may access their phone, voicemail, video conferencing, email, instant messaging, and calendar. They also can access file management, cloud sharing, and other collaboration features through a single user interface.

TELUS Business Connect can provide you with a powerful mobile and office cloud phone system, allowing you to take your business relations to a whole new level. TELUS Business Connect™ is a premium business VoIP phone system. It lets you manage calls from your computer, mobile phone, or workstation, and communicate with your team from anywhere. With its cloud phone service, you can convert any space into a conference room.

To discover more about how TELUS Business Connect can benefit your organization, contact Expert Business Solutions. We can assist you in setting up a hybrid workplace with all of the tools you’ll need to work from anywhere.

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