Telus Fleet Complete

Do you know where your vehicles and other valuable assets are and how they are performing? Do you know whether your remote workers are safe? In some cases, you need to know because the law requires it. In others, the more you know, the more you can save and the more efficiently you can operate. TELUS Fleet Complete can keep you informed, with a reliable and real-time tracking and management platform for mobile assets and resources.

TELUS Fleet Complete has different modules (fleet tracking, electronic logging, task tracker, asset tracker and Fleet Complete Vision – which is not in the market yet but coming shortly)


TELUS Fleet Tracker

An in-vehicle hardware solution that captures and interprets raw vehicle data to provides an accurate picture of fleet performance.

ELD and HoS Solution

Comply with US and Canada regulations. Drivers track hours of service and complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) on their smartphones; no additional hardware required.

TELUS Task Tracker

Advanced project tracking solution that distributes assignments to your crew and provides real-time status updates.

TELUS Asset Tracker

Real-time GPS tracking for high-value field assets to determine location and monitor maintenance schedules.




Track the real-time location and status of every vehicle in your fleet using advanced GPS technology. TELUS Fleet Complete Fleet Tracker increases driver safety, efficiency, and productivity while reducing costs and improving your bottom line.

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times and gain visibility into performance on a trip-by-trip basis
    to better plan and organize routes
  • Monitor vehicle information, such as battery voltage, ignition status, Engine Control Module (ECM) status, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and more to help reduce fuel, maintenance, and other operational costs
  • Help your drivers avoid unsafe and costly on-road habits, such as excessive idling, speeding, harsh braking, and acceleration, ultimately reducing insurance and fuel costs
  • Notify customers of your vehicles’ estimated time of arrival to enhance customer service
  • Customize and access reports designed to provide real insights into your fleet operations
  • Integrate with your dispatch and back-office systems for maximum efficiency



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