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Stretch Your Technology Dollars!

We receive quite a few requests from customers on how they can make their technology dollars go farther. For most business, the state of the local economy has put IT budgets on the bottom of the priority list and spending in the area of IT has all been halted. Below I’ll outline some areas where…

Benefits of Lenovo

Giving your team the right tools can make a big difference in setting them up for success. When you provide quality hardware and equipment to your team, you’re letting them know that you value them and their contribution to the team and that you want them to have access to the tools that they need…

Don’t Click That Link -How to Prevent Ransomeware

In a world ripe with fierce competition and challenging economic forces there remains to be nothing scarier than digital font in blue underlined ink. That’s right, one of the biggest threats your company faces today is cybercrime in the form of ransomware. That ransomware is emailed to your staff and stakeholders in the form of…