Remote Office, Remote Workers

Is having remote offices and remote office workers something you want in place?

If you were one of those who quickly made the decision to have remote workers you were most likely overwhelmed with various companies promoting their ONE product that is the best. Just like one shoe won’t fit all feet, neither is one solution going to work for everyone.

We know all the services and products that will allow you to have remote workers work as efficiently, safely, and productively. We do not push one specific option but rather look at all of them and review which fits best for your needs and pocketbook.

Prior to proposing are recommending any remote office solution, we need to know how you operate or how you wish to operate


  • How many remote workers?
  • Will you still have a physical office Setting? If yes how many people are in the office?
  • Will these remotes workers come back to the office at times?
  • Will your remote workers travel at times?
  • How will you/Management interact with that remote worker?

Dialtone & Internet for Remote Workers:

  • What type of Internet do the remote workers have?
  • How will they make the calls?
  • Are they using cell phones? Are the cell phones personal or business owned?
  • Will your remote workers want to use a combination of desk phones and cell phones
  • Will the remote worker need to book conference calls with clients?
  • Do the remote workers need any equipment: phones, headsets, computers etc?
  • Do you need to record their calls?
  • If your remote worker has computer problems who will you call?

Day to Day Operations:

  • Does your team need to collaborate on projects?
  • Will your workers need to collect payments?
  • How will your remote workers invoice?
  • Do you need to collect signature? Or Proof of delivery?
  • Do you have any paper forms that require filling?
  • Do you use any custom apps today?
  • If users require access to company servers, how will they access them?
  • Would the ability of a simple device that connects home user to the Office via a VPN help?

Company Information:

  • Will the remote workers need to access information from your servers?
  • Do you have a plan to protect your company’s information and data?
  • Do you regularly backup your Company’s data/information?
  • Do you have an IT policy in place to protect your information and Data Security?
  • Have you held information classes on best practices around email handling to avoid hackers?

Head Office/Physical Office

  • If you cannot make it into the office how will you forward you calls?
  • If there is no one in the office how do you deter break-ins?

Book a call/meeting with us to discuss your business requirements; We can then put together the options that may best fit your needs.