Why Nurse Call Systems Have Become Increasingly Popular

Nurse call systems have impacted the healthcare industry in many ways. Most importantly, they enable accurate and timely communication between medical staff and patients. However, other factors have also influenced the rise in popularity and demand for these systems, as you will read below.

Growing Demand for Improved Healthcare Systems

There is an insatiable need for better healthcare services. Nurse call systems fulfill this need by providing prompt, accurate, and reliable service to patients.

They also enhance operational efficiencies with better compliance to care protocols in healthcare facilities. The result is improved customer satisfaction, and care facility managers enjoy high profits due to the fewer empty beds.


Nurse call systems are not limited to the kind of healthcare facilities they can serve. These include nursing homes, senior living facilities, hospitals, ambulatory service facilities, and out-patient care centers. 

They are also available in wireless and wired configurations, which give clients a choice that depends on their preference and business structure.


Nurse call systems are easy to install, and experts in the field can install them in brand new facilities or upgrade older systems already installed in care facilities. 

There are also various equipment options, including call lights, wireless pendants, pull cords, wireless sensors, call buttons, digital I/O lines, and bed stations that can be installed and customized to meet a client’s specific needs.

Ease of Operations

These systems are unproblematic to both the patients and their caregivers, enabling better care and workflow management. The two-way communication systems are fast and effective, ensuring timely call and notification alerts that improve response times and facilitate effective emergency care. 

The mobility of wireless devices ensures patients’ safety because they can ask for help and be heard from wherever, including the bathroom.

Helps Caregivers Beat Alarm Fatigue

Nurse call systems help nurses to beat the stress of running around the facility whenever they hear an alarm sound. They ensure that the caregivers are well informed before they run to deliver patients with care.

For instance, bedside monitors offer nurses and other caregivers a clear view of what a patient needs at the time of the alert. This will enable caregivers to make faster and appropriate treatment decisions.

Nurse Call System Installation in Red Deer and Calgary

For installation of real-time communication and alert management systems, contact us today. With this system in place, you can look forward to happier and satisfied patients and staff.

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