Is Your Business Internet Holding you Back?

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Your internet connection is more than just signals and wires, it’s a line that your customers and partners depend on to stay connected to your organization. The same way that we nurture our teams with feedback and support to help them grow, it’s important to extend that same care to the backbone of your daily operations – your business internet. You might be accustomed to your current speeds and performance, but it could hold you back.


The importance of an internet analysis

There are new standards and technologies emerging. An internet that met your needs in the past may now hinder your competitive edge. An in-depth internet analysis examines your existing infrastructure to highlight inefficiencies, security loopholes, unnecessary expenditures that burden your budget without delivering value, and underutilized features.

It’s not just about having connectivity, it’s about making sure that this connectivity is robust and reliable enough to support the nuanced demands of your organization, like cloud-based services.


Revealing opportunities for improvement

To fully leverage business internet, an internet analysis includes:

  • Speed
  • Features
  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability: What happens if your internet goes out? Do you have a seamless failover connection? Dependable internet connectivity is vital to avoid disruptions to your business. After all, your point-of-sale system, security cameras, business phones, virtual meetings, and more all depend on it.


Across all industries

The necessity of a robust business internet transcends industry boundaries. Let’s delve into how different sectors can benefit:

Offices: A reliable and fast internet connection is essential for offices to support daily tasks including video conferencing, customer service interactions, data storage, your cloud-based tools, and more.

Retail: Retail stores depend on high-speed internet for a seamless customer experience. It could be for managing sales, inventory databases, point of sale systems, accessing databases, or cloud phone systems.

Warehouses: A robust internet connection is required for inventory management systems, tracking shipments, and coordinating logistics efficiently.

Automotive Shops: Business internet is crucial for booking systems, accessing online databases for parts and repairs, and customer service interactions.

Senior Living Facilities: For residents, the internet is a lifeline to family and friends. With the right internet your residents can explore new hobbies, take online courses, and engage in entertainment. For staff, it can enable technology onsite that can help monitor and respond to residents efficiently.

Banks: With reliability and security at the forefront – banks need an internet that can facilitate instantaneous financial transactions, data exchanges, and communication.


Supercharging your cloud tools

Are you using cloud-based tools right now or in the future? This could include your organization’s messaging, email, video conferencing, business phone system with advanced features, project management platforms, CRM, accounting software, cloud servers, and more. But here’s the thing – they depend on your internet. When you get an internet analysis, it reveals your infrastructure and locates what needs to be improved. The internet analysis makes sure it’s not just okay but it’s done right ensuring that collaboration is as dynamic as if you were in the same room. Another game changer? A seamless failover connection. It’s always working behind-the-scenes ensuring that if your main connection drops, your organization doesn’t miss a beat because it seamlessly transitions to a new connection.


A strategic approach to your organization’s internet through an analysis is not merely about maintaining connectivity, it’s about leveraging technology to enhance every aspect of your operations. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of your options, free from technical jargon, so you can make informed decisions. For a free, no-obligation internet analysis, call us at 1-800-467-2849. We will make sure your organization’s connectivity aligns with the latest advancements and industry benchmarks.

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