TELUS Business Optik TV & Guest Wi-Fi

TELUS offers

TELUS offers solutions that can help you enhance your customer experience and empower your staff – while still being mindful of your bottom line. We have worked with many Hotels, Motels, Seniors Living Complexes and Stratas over the past several years. We are confident we can help you understand the products that will improve your Guest/Resident experience.

TELUS Small Business Optik TV


Entertain your Customers


All plans include local and U.S. networks


Flexibility of customizing your own theme packs. (easy to change packages)


Choose from 600+ channels, including over 200 HD and 4K TV programming

Premium Sports

Add Premium Sports

Music Channels

Get music channels in 13 different genres like rock, pop, hip-hop, country, classical etc

TELUS Hospitality Optik TV

The superior Entertainment offering that your Guests want.

HD channels

Wide selection of HD channels including Channel on Demand

Video on Demand

Access to over 5,000 Video on Demand and Pay Per View events, billed directly and securely to their credit cards.

Guest Entertainment

Create your ideal Guest entertainment


Design your own free-to-guest channel line-up

Customizable Menu

As Guests turn the TV on, they are greeted by your customizable menu.


Hotel logo, imagery, videos, weather reports & much more


Promote hotel offerings and amenities


Stingray Music, with over 2000 channels of commercial-free music available

Help Desk

TELUS 24/7 Help Desk is included at no additional cost to you or your guests

TELUS Managed Guest Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is still the most sought-after amenity in Hotels and Senior Living Website surveys show 75% of Hotel guests connect multiple devices; while 76% of them are using streaming services. Providing a strong, fast, reliable Wi-Fi to your guests is now a requirement not a luxury.

Multiple guests

Multiple guests in the same room can simultaneously use high bandwidth applications like video streaming, working via a VPN, and gaming over a connection that will never slow down, even during peak hours


30M per device connectivity

Wi-Fi monitoring

Wi-Fi monitoring to see how much bandwidth is being utilized

Wireless Mesh

Wireless mesh allowing guests or residents can go from room to lobby on one connection, with property-wide roaming

Help Desk

TELUS 24/7 Help Desk is included at no additional cost to you or your guests.

Free Tent Cards

Includes free tent cards for every room, directing guests to call our toll-free number if they ever need help with technical issues while connecting to Hospitality WiFi

TELUS Seniors Living Optik TV

Choose the TV package that suits the needs of your Residence:


Fully Customized Entertainment Experience

Basic Quality

Basic Quality TV service for Business

Fully Customized Entertainment Experience Offering


Customizable menu displayed to viewers each time their TVs are turned on.


Brand the menu with your logo and imagery, and even add videos.


Inform Residents with local weather information and scrolling news feeds


Promote special events, feature weekly menus or activity schedules

Optik TV

Each resident can customize their experience with Optik TV Top Up


Senior-friendly tools and support for each resident


Each resident will receive a remote that has been refined for simplicity, ease of use, and enhanced visibility and feel, plus a senior-friendly instruction booklet.

Help Desk

TELUS 24/7 Help Desk is available anytime to assist residents with any technical issues they may have, thereby minimizing the number of calls to your staff.

Basic Quality TV Service for Business


Simplicity is key, No guide or customizable menu.

Basic TV

Basic TV provides up to 35 channels.

Help Desk

TELUS 24/7 Help Desk is included at no additional cost to you or your guests

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