Panasonic Nurse Call Systems For Senior Living

This may seem like it’s coming a bit out of left field, but today we’re going to highlight a few ways that
our teams can provide senior assistance via Panasonic Nurse Call Systems. As part of our promise to
keep you up to date with the highest quality products, we’ve become well-versed on these systems…
you may even call us experts!

This matters to you if you manage a long-term care or assisted-living facility. You can experience higher
occupancy, more efficient staff allocation, and lower costs with the Panasonic Nurse Call System.

Here’s how:
➢ Fewer empty beds due to higher patient satisfaction
➢ Reduced personnel costs
➢ Accurate billing allocation via alarm distribution analytics
➢ Improved caregiver job satisfaction resulting in less turnover

This also matters to you if someone you love is living in a long-term care facility or assisted living home.
Here’s why:
➢ It allows for faster caregiver response times
➢ Real-time tracking of wandering patients
➢ Intuitive, easy-to-use call boxes

Instant communication between residents and caregivers is of utmost importance, and it’s likely that
you not only want the people you care about to have the best possible care, but you also want to give
the best possible care.

Click the link below to learn how this system was able to “save the day” for Masterpiece Retirement.
(Video features Brandi Simons, one of our Business Solutions Specialists.)

These systems are available through Business Solutions and ProComm (Medicine Hat + surrounding

If you own or manage a facility or know of a facility that could benefit from an integrated Panasonic
Nurse Call System, give us a call! We’d love to chat and answer any/all your questions!

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