How and Why VoIP Is Business-Friendly

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been available for use since 1995. Rather than transmitting your voice through phone lines, it is transmitted digitally to those you are talking to. They hear the uncompressed sound of your voice as you hear theirs. 

The lack of a need to subscribe to telephone service means that your business can save money by not having to pay for long-distance calls. All you have to do is use the internet access your business already has in order to make and receive phone calls. 

Making Calls With VoIP

To make calls, most users obtain the VoIP calling app, but you also have the option of acquiring a desk phone that’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) compatible. These phones are connected to a SIP server to make your VoIP calls possible. 

One of the biggest conveniences of using this type of phone service is that any data transmitted is automatically saved to the cloud. A simple online dashboard helps you manage your phone system efficiently. You can store phone numbers you need handy and even enable call forwarding for employees who are out of the office. 

What VoIP Can Do for You

Many businesses have chosen to switch to VoIP service because of all the benefits of doing so. For one, it enables you to make conference calls. Depending on the VoIP company you subscribe to, it may also offer features like call waiting, video conferencing, virtual receptionists, hold music, and the ability to convert voicemails into text messages or emails.

The VoIP Equipment You’ll Need

VoIP/SIP phones are the primary choice for many businesses. However, there are other options that fit certain businesses better. A softphone setup is when you simply download the calling app, which works on smartphones as well as laptop and desktop computers. 

If you don’t want to eliminate physical phones from your office, you can always add analog telephone adaptors to each one. The only drawback to doing this is that it may prevent you from being able to use certain VoIP services like conference calls. 

Since VoIP offers so many convenient services, it is the preferred way for many businesses to communicate these days.

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