The Technology Behind Nurse Call Systems

Thanks to their advanced communication systems and their precise response time, both medical practitioners and patients can attest to the tremendous benefits associated with nurse call systems. If you’re among those trying to figure out what makes these vital systems work, read on to discover some of the essential components that make a nurse call system operational. 

Patient Stations

These are the integral components that make up a nurse call system. They provide residents with the ability to communicate with nurses via the press of a button. More so, they pair with other devices, such as pillow speakers and call cords. Patient stations can also serve as a wiring hub to control medical equipment attached to the device, thus improving the system’s efficiency.

Real-Time Location Systems

Advanced wireless nurse call systems, such as those in nursing homes, use precise locating technology known as real-time location systems (RTLS). Such devices comprise wireless receivers that are strategically placed within the facility or on badges provided to patients. This helps nurses keep track of their patients’ whereabouts and provide quick medical responses when needed.

Pillow Speaker

Many nurse call systems use pillow speakers connected to the patient’s station, allowing direct communication to the nurse call intercom interface. These speakers enable patients to speak with nurses or even control entertainment systems such as the in-room TV.

Call Cords

Call cords work in conjunction with pillow speakers and a patient station. These cords provide a unique alternative communication means via the press of a button. When pressed, the button illuminates, showing that a call has been made. 

Corridor Lights

Dome or corridor lights provide visual signs of a patient’s distress, allowing patrolling nurses to promptly respond to their needs. Some of these lights feature various LED colors assigned with different meanings, so nurses can react quickly when there is an emergency. 

Bathroom Stations

Even while a patient is away from the bed, they can still communicate with nurses while bathing or showering through a bathroom station. They feature water-resistant cords that make a call when pulled in case of emergency.

Nurse Console

A nurse call system includes a nurse console that directs all the feedback from a call cord, bathroom station, and patient stations into the respective nurse or doctor’s office. The console receives these signals as phone calls, allowing health care workers on shift to respond.

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