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As you know, our business is built based on keeping you up to date with the highest quality products and latest technology. So, it should come as no surprise to you that our team members have become experts on Panasonic’s Nurse Call Systems and are able to help facilities get set-up with fully integrated systems.

Nurse Call System are Beneficial.

Nurse Call Systems are beneficial because they provide instant and direct communication between residents and health care providers with wireless handsets.

For example, if Ms. Smith leaves her suite to get a snack from the café, but falls in the hallway, she can press her wireless pendant to notify someone that she needs help. A caregiver will get the notification of her location and they can immediately go to her. It also allows the caregiver to prioritize and respond accordingly. If they’re with another resident and cannot assist, the alarm can be denied, and it will escalate until Ms. Smith receives assistance.

Method of Communication.

Using this method of communication, you can ensure that no resident is left without response, ensuring the safety of all residents.

It can also provide real-time reporting to facility managers so they can effectively monitor health care staff responsiveness, which in turn, allows them to determine where they may need additional staff, less staff, etc. Managers can use this reporting to reassure families of the response time to their loved ones at the facility.

For more information, download this guide:

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If you own or manage a facility or know of a facility that could benefit from an integrated Panasonic Nurse Call System, give us a call. We’d love to help!

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