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At Phone Experts we strive to improve the lives of others through technology and personal connection while working together to innovate, grow, and spread kindness.

I started working at The Phone Experts in 2004 and I have to say the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. The owners provide a welcoming environment where learning and personal growth is encouraged, and ideas can be expressed without prejudice.


I’ve worked for Phone Experts for many years and was their first technician. The owners have always been fair and care about my needs. My colleagues are also like family and are always ready to lend a hand or share technical expertise. The company’s customer base is great and I get a feeling of satisfaction knowing they believe in us and our work. As a technician I get a lot of variety and challenges in my work. It’s great to work for a company with integrity and good ethics. I believe the success of this business is because of the people behind it.

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