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Canadian Blood Clinic

On this month’s Community Giving blog, we are featuring Canadian Blood Services!
The Canadian Blood Services is a national, not-for-profit organization (excluding Quebec)- the Red Deer clinic is responsible for collecting 48 units of blood every day, Tuesday to Saturday. Yearly the Red Deer clinic collects almost 16,000 units. The Red Deer is home to the main clinic; with mobile clinics in Ponoka, Lacombe, Rimbey, Innisfail, Rocky and Stettler.
If you’ve read the news, you know there is an urgent need for 22,0000 donors – just to get through the rest of the summer. Fact is, there’s a 50% chance you or someone you know will need blood at some point in your life.

A common reason why people don’t donate blood is that nobody asked. So, right now, we’re asking for you to donate blood. Here’s how your donation can help.
Questions? We have answers:
• The minimum age to donate is 17 years. The is no longer an upper age limit.
• O – is the universal blood type
• Donating blood and saving a life only takes 45 minutes
• The actual blood donation only takes 5-10 minutes
• The amount of blood donated is 481ml per donation
• 1 in 2 Canadians can give blood, but only 1 in 60 do
• Males can donate every 56 days, and females can donate every 84 days
Here are some ways to get involved:
• Organize group blood donations with your company
• Adopt a Blood Donor clinic: When the company commits to achieving the donation goal for the day
• Donate!!
We do understand that not everyone can donate, so here are some other ways to get involved if you can’t donate:
• Raise awareness
• Volunteer in the clinic refreshment area
• Volunteer at various events to help recruit donors
More questions? Head over to to find out.

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