Nurse Call Systems and Patient Nurse Communication

Nurse call systems are put in place so healthcare providers can serve their patients effectively and attentively. The call systems use new technology, which enhances the communication between the patients and the healthcare providers. These systems help improve the efficiency of operation, patient satisfaction, level of care, and responsiveness. Nurse call systems are found in rehab facilities, assisted living facilities, and hospitals.

Nurse call systems are essential to have in any healthcare facility. Having the systems installed in a facility benefits both the patients and the facility. A patient can ask for assistance without much struggle, and the healthcare providers can respond to patients quickly and efficiently. Exemplary patient care goes a long way in building the reputation of a healthcare facility. Discussed below are ways in which nurse call systems improve patient nurse communication.

Enhance Communication

As mentioned, these systems are vital to have in place since they make communication efficient. For instance, a patient who cannot perform a task without help can quickly get a healthcare provider to attend to them. Without the call systems in place, the patient would have to wait for a healthcare provider to come around before they get help. Such a scenario is inconvenient to the patient and will give the facility a terrible patient service reputation.

On the other hand, healthcare providers can better serve their patients with the nurse call systems in place. Whenever a patient needs anything, they are notified and can assist them without much delay.

Wireless Location Tracking

Nurse call systems have wireless location tracking systems. As mentioned, these call systems are used between patients and nurses. The wireless location tracking helps a nurse know which patient needs help and what room they are in. The patients are provided with emergency pendants that can let a care provider know what they need, where they are, and who the patient is.

Logging and Data Recording

Some nurse call systems can provide the tracking and logging of incidents. Doing this helps the healthcare provider assess how long they took to respond to an incident and how long they assisted the patient. These particular systems can be customized such that in a situation where a healthcare provider with specific qualifications is needed, they are the only ones notified. A customized system prevents sending out general alerts, reducing the response time, speeding up the care, and possibly saving a life.

Nurse call systems are essential to have in healthcare facilities since they will positively improve the communication between the nurses and patients. Having them in place is beneficial to everyone but even more to the patients. The patients can receive the best care without strain, and every facility’s priority is to ensure that their patients are receiving the best care possible. Contact us for the best nurse call systems in Red Deer and Calgary.

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