Business Connect

Telus Business Connect

The Phone Experts Communications Ltd is certified to provide a TELUS White Glove installation of your Business Connect telephone service.  Our White Glove service includes: Testing for Network Readiness, Account Planning and Call Routing, Registration, Setup & Testing of Equipment, Administrator and End User training, Telephone Number Porting/Transferring & Post-Implementation Support.

One Number Calling

One single local & toll-free number that works from any device. Allowing user to route calls efficiently over all devices.

Stay Connected

Operate in multiple locations with one solution. Collaborate with customers or team members using audio or video conferencing.

Easy Call Routing

Create customized greetings and call directories for inbound calls to help guide customers clearly to sales & support members.

Low Costs

Ability to change your service plan with no minimum commitment. Monitor usage & view bill online with self-service capabilities.

User Managed

Have complete control of your users & their numbers through an online web tool that can be accessed from a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

What to see how Telus Business Connect can work for you?