Panasonic Solutions

The Panasonic Solution is the ideal solution for businesses that are looking to reduce ownership costs but want to maximize business output, while satisfying your clients with fast responses. Panasonic’s smart hybrid system can answer these needs with built in call handling features, unified communications applications & employee management applications.

Panasonic NS700 Hybrid Telephone System

The Panasonic NS700 Hybrid IP telephone solution is a compact system with the ability to expand to manage future growth. The NS700 is a cost-effective legacy communication system for companies with up to 262 users at multiple locations that can be easily configured, making it the ideal alternative to cloud-based solutions. As the Panasonic NS700 telephone system is a Hybrid system it allows the user to combine up to 130 TDM, 128 IP and 4 analog telephones to be ready to grow with your ever-evolving business needs.

Some features the Panasonic NS700 Telephone System provides are:

  • Call Centre Solution with the ability to queue incoming calls to the next available representative
  • Mobile Twinning allows users to be able to answer incoming calls to their desk phone on their cell phone or when making outgoing calls from the users’ mobile phone the customer is notified of the office number instead of the mobile phone number
  • Voicemail to Email sends an audio file of a voicemail left on the user’s desk phone via email to the user so they can retrieve voicemail messages even when they are away from the office
  • The instant messaging feature through Unified Communication Assistant allows colleagues to message each other within the office. Additional features can be added
  • Compatible with DECT Wireless telephones, IP telephones, TDM telephones or analog telephones or devices
  • Voicemail System with automated messages directing clients to the correct person or department
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Connects to third party paging and intercom systems

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