Expert Voice Exchange

Simplify your Business
Communications with Expert Voice Exchange.

Expert Voice Exchange is a bundled offering:

Phone Sets & Equipment

SIP Trunks (Voice Lines & Long Distance*)

Your Main Number & Direct Numbers

No Hardware Costs No Extra Telecom Bills for Voice and Long Distance*

What we install?

We install a VoIP Telephone system including phone sets on your internal private network and use SIP trunking to provide your voice channels. For one low monthly bill you get your phone numbers, dial tone, long distance* and desk phones.

Expert Voice Exchange Benefits


  • No upfront investment for your hardware
    (Phone Sets & System)


  • Keep your existing numbers


  • Long distance charges dramatically reduced, free long distance* to the majority of North America


  • Reduced telecom costs with maintenance included

Have peace of mind that you always have the latest technology in your office with the benefit of reduced costs for your office communications.

Free direct dial calling to majority of North America locations (excluding Yukon/NWT/Nunavut and Alaska)