Commercial two way radios

Instant and affordable communications to keep your business moving forward

Are you looking for a way to increase the productivity of your team? Do you want to provide cost-effective digital voice communications in a lightweight, easy-to-operate two way radio that grows with your business? 

With our solutions, you can communicate with your team in real time without wasting time trying to get everyone on the same page by using complicated technology. 

Meet some of our solutions

Maximize first responder effectiveness and safety

For multi-agency coordination in the most challenging environments, first responders trust our Tait flexible TP9400, which offers analog and digital modes with strong encryption management capability.

Location services

Tait geofencing

Man down alerts

Easily personalize your radio with your name, logo, asset ID, and more

Our TP3 solution is packed with features to suit different budgets and requirements for maximum flexibility.

Advanced worker safety

Dust and waterproof

Customizable from covers to labeling

Accelerate conversation and collaboration 

The Tait TP2210 is a smart investment for radio communications—it combines affordability with operational simplicity, and it’s tested and certified to meet DMR digital radio standards. This is a great option with a low cost entry point using simple radio-to-radio direct communications between users and the ability to grow to a multisite digital system without the cost of new radios or user retraining.

Get teams talking

with direct radio-to-radio communications

Make work easier

with simple controls and user assistance features like voice announcements and a programmable button

Power through extended shifts

knowing you have a long-lasting battery with power saving technology will keep you connected

Construction and Transport

The construction industry is always changing, and that’s why we offer a tool that helps construction crews communicate more effectively. With our solutions, you can hear instructions loud and clear—no more missed orders or confusion on the job site.


Hospitality teams are best when they communicate efficiently. Efficient communication helps staff members make the most of their time, resources, and knowledge keeping staff informed and guests taken care of.


When staff members are spread out across a school, it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page. But with direct mode communication, you can easily operate a cost-effective solution where you can make sure everyone is working together.

Talk to our local Alberta experts to build a two way radio solution that suits your business and your bottom line