Business Connect

Flexible and easy to use, the TELUS Business Connect® VoIP phone solution connects multiple places, departments and team members.
Access your entire phone system, change call handling rules, host videoconferences, set up a toll-free number and more.
Get a single contact number that works across all devices starting at $15/month with no fixed term contracts.

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Telus Digital PRI

Digitial Voice Service
Allows up to 23 simultanteous calls on one copper line (or fibre service); Offers each user a direct number.

Reduce costs: Save money on the cost of individual dedicated circuits.
Enhance clarity: Reduce noise with clear digital transmission for voice.
Ensure business continuity: Add ServiceSaver so you can keep your phone lines open for business, even in an emergency.

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Telus Analog Phone Line

Analog phone lines with great rate plans.
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No matter what kind of business you’re in, there’s a TELUS Internet plan that will give you the competitive edge you need.

Telus PureFibre

Internet provided over TELUS’s Purefibre Infrastructure. Choose from a variety of plans with no fixed-term contracts.

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Telus ADSL

Asymmetrical Internet provisioned over copper lines; Contact us today to see what Internet options are available at your site.

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Telus Managed Fibre


Dedicated Fibre Connection

Scalable, reliable and secure connectivity 24/7

Managed Business Internet from TELUS is a fully monitored and managed high-speed solution*. You get routine maintenance and equipment upgrades, as well as built-in security features. TELUS support teams also monitor your connection every five minutes, with 99.9% service uptime guaranteed.

Optional Managed Wireless Resiliency provides backup during unlikely outages, while optional DDoS Protection Plus provides 24/7 cloud-based protection against Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

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Telus Layered 3 or Layer 2 Networks

TELUS WAN L3 VPN or WAN L2 Ethernet offer private wide area network services to business clients.

Enables organizations with multiple locations to share information and run mission-critical, high bandwidth applications betweens sites via a private connect.  This helps the organization avoide security risks commonly associated with public connectoins.

Two Options:

WAN Layer 3 VPN routed service (Telus oversees network and routing)

WAN Layer 2 Ethernet switched service (Customer typically oversees network & routing)

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Our technical team will be able to help you move to the platform best suited to your needs.


Flexibility is good for business and so are guaranteed savings. Get both pre-packaged and customizable Business Bundles. Contact us today to review what bundles would work best for your business.  

We will sort through the various offerings and recommend the best option(s) for you.


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