Modern businesses are built on the go, so build a wireless system for your business that allows you to do more. The Phone Experts Business Solution Specialists can help educate you on options that enhance your business and help you be more productive.

Mobile Internet

Because you’re on the go and need to get things done, being connected wherever you are lets you be productive and efficient anywhere at any time. Choose the option that’s right for you: Internet Stick, Mobile Hotspot, Smart Hub or Industrial Modems.

Machine to Machine

Need to talk to your equipment and see your data remotely? We can do that. Ask us how.

Business Bundles

No matter the size of business, our plans are designed to provide you the most reliable and valuable service.


Protect your investment with our variety of accessory options.


  • Tracking Solutions not only allow you to locate and protect your assets quickly and efficiently but can provide value in a variety of other areas for your business.
  • Locate your fleet anytime; from your computer, Smartphone or your Tablet.
  • Fuel calculations and idle trackers
  • Verify trip times, payroll and control driving behaviour
  • Maintenance Tracker
  • Ask your Insurance company about premium discounts with our tracking solutions

Plus thousands of products to choose from, including all the hottest brands.

The Phone Experts is proud to be a TELUS Gold Partner, part of the Business Excellence Program.


Fleet TrackingAsset TrackingAction TrackingGPS Solutions

Sales/Increase profit/Reduce costsROI CalculationsData UsageRoaming Passes

If you require service for your current handset or equipment, please call our office at 403-343-1122.

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