A nurse call system allows your healthcare personnel to handle your patients’ real-time health concerns in any hospital or healthcare facility. A nurse call system works to keep your team engaged with one another and with your patients, from accident warnings to daily reports and reminders, so you can guarantee you’re giving the best care possible.

Efficient communication strengthens the caregiver-patient relationship. A poorly performing or outdated nurse call system can cause issues, ranging from delays in care to confusion about how the patient’s demands match up with the caregiver’s responsibilities.

Advances in the field of nurse calls and emergency calls allow for the development of recent and innovative technology. Higher efficiency, lower expenses and upkeep, and a more pleasant condition are all advantages of upgrading your existing nurse call system.

Is it time to upgrade your nurse call system? Here are five compelling reasons you should:

  1. Your system is still hardware-based

Many old nurse call systems are inefficient and outdated, with electrical wiring that requires third-party middleware to function. Today’s next-generation nurse call communications systems are frequently software-based, adaptable, and agile. Software-based systems allow you to expand the capability of your system as your facility’s demands evolve, and they’re easier to integrate with your IT network and existing technologies. 

Upgrading to a wireless system has numerous advantages for both your patients and your employees. It can also combine multiple devices into one and ensure that each patient call is sent to the correct person. Overall, switching to a wireless system will improve nursing unit efficiency.

2. Your facility is growing

As healthcare institutions undergo renovations to accommodate changes in how healthcare is delivered, it is critical to ensure that your technology and equipment are up to date. Wireless systems, as opposed to their wired equivalents, enable an easy extension of your alerting systems at a lower cost. Furthermore, including cutting-edge technology in your new units or wings will ensure that future upgrades are much more practical and economical.

3. Your system is obsolete

Although it may appear as being the most apparent, upgrading a nurse call system is often negligible on a healthcare facility’s list of priorities. If the current system is functioning properly, it is unnecessary to replace it. However, if your technology is old or eventually will be, you’ll be compensating for it with more maintenance issues quite soon. There’s no better time than now to improve functionality and keep on top of your clients’ requirements.

4. Your nurses develop alarm fatigue

Healthcare facilities are seldom silent, but it is easy for nursing teams to grow overwhelmed when they are continually exposed to beeps from ventilators, feeding and medication machines, vital sign equipment, and other devices. Whenever subjected to too many alerts, many caregivers develop alarm fatigue, also known as sensory overload. Finding a nurse call communications system that can synchronize with bedside medical equipment and prioritize and divert alarms to the appropriate clinical staff can assist in reducing unwanted alarms and alarm fatigue.

5. You require data insights into patient room activity

Nurse call systems today assist clinical administrators in balancing workflows, tracking caregiver efficiency, identifying medical patterns, and addressing service recovery. Data analysis on patient room activities can also be downloaded and connected with the data platform at your hospital. Real-time analytics captured by upgraded nurse call communications systems deliver details about rounding conformity, caregiver response time, and pain management. They assist the clinical team in making real-time staffing modifications to maintain optimal patient care.

Ultimately, upgrading your existing nurse call system not only makes patients happy but also makes your team satisfied. An enhanced nurse call system guarantees that patients are cared for properly while also offering flexibility and improved communication for staff. Upgrade now to improve the health of your patients and staff while also staying current with nursing practices. Expert Business Solutions is committed to offering a platform that enables hospitals to improve patient communications and care. Call us now.

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