5 URLs That Every TELUS Customer Should Bookmark – Phone Experts

As TELUS clients, we have access to countless resources and training tools. From free in-store learning sessions to website support simulators; they’ve got us covered. Here are the links to five URLs that we believe every TELUS customer can benefit from.

1. The TELUS Virtual Assistant: 24/7 Service for a 24/7

An interactive chatbot that can answer questions, perform simple account transactions, and provide tips and tricks to optimize your mobile and home service.

Click on the link and hit the ‘chat’ button on the bottom right corner of the page.

2. Optik TV Free Previews

Enjoy free channel previews currently being offered on TELUS Optik TV.

3. TELUS Optik TV Channel Listings.

Remember the good ol’ TV Guide? Well, that’s what this is – but better!

4. Optik on the go 

Use your Internet browser to watch Optik TV on your laptop or desktop computer.

5. Service Status

Have no internet? Problems with your phone or cable TV? Get real-time reporting and updates on when you should expect regular TELUS service.