Two-Way Radios Will Solve COVID-19 Healthcare Communication Challenges

In these COVID times, everyone everywhere — including us in Red Deer and Calgary — was forced to update how, where, and when we communicated with colleagues, family, and friends. Zoom replaced in-person meetings, streaming services created remote watch-party apps, and healthcare facilities and households learned the value of two-way radios. A must-have for healthcare communication.

What Is a Two-Way Radio?

Two-way radios can both transmit and receive signals. Because of their dual functionality, people sometimes call them transceivers. Two-way radios are usually handheld devices and are also known as handy-talkies or walkie-talkies. They allow two parties to communicate back and forth promptly and easily.

Healthcare Communication Solution

Two-way radios and walkie-talkies are handy tools for healthcare facilities treating patients, especially those with COVID. In a typical healthcare facility, medical personnel would have to go to a phone when they wanted to communicate with other team members about a patient.

Nurses and doctors can more easily communicate with patients with two-way radios, and since these devices are handheld, they can carry them around at all times. Two-way radios cut down on how many people are entering rooms with patients, lessening the potential of the virus to spread. They also save a lot of time, meaning medical staff has more time to care for patients.

Using Two-Way Radios During Quarantine

During the COVID pandemic, many quarantining households got walkie-talkies to make communicating easier and safer. For many, two-way radios allowed them to maintain social distancing standards while staying in close communication — a win-win for countless families navigating the strictures of quarantining.

Two-way radios can make socially distanced living more manageable, and they’re an invaluable tool for COVID-19 caretakers. They’re also handy in multi-generational households that include someone living with mobility or cognitive declines.

A two-way radio — aka walkie-talkie — could be the simple solution to your healthcare communication challenges. They can help provide peace of mind, especially in these uncertain times. If you are a healthcare facility taking care of patients or a household with at-risk individuals, two-way radios are a great tool. We, at Phone Experts, are dedicated to providing our clients with communication inside and outside of a network’s coverage.

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