Business Connect

Flexible and easy to use, the TELUS Business Connect® VoIP phone solution connects multiple places, departments and team members.
Access your entire phone system, change call handling rules, host videoconferences, set up a toll-free number and more.
Get a single contact number that works across all devices starting at $15/month with no fixed term contracts.

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Telus Digital PRI

Digitial Voice Service
Allows up to 23 simultanteous calls on one copper line (or fibre service); Offers each user a direct number.

Reduce costs: Save money on the cost of individual dedicated circuits.
Enhance clarity: Reduce noise with clear digital transmission for voice.
Ensure business continuity: Add ServiceSaver so you can keep your phone lines open for business, even in an emergency.

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Telus Analog Phone Line

Analog phone lines with great rate plans.
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Our 24 hour on-call service gets trained technicians to fix any phone systems issues fast. They know your system, and are ready to get the job done.
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Phone system for a new businessTelecom servicesAdditional equipment for an existing phone systemWiring or cabling servicesCoordinating a move to a new business locationReview of my current telecom ratesEasy ordering of TELUS Business Services such as business phone lines or internetOptions for a new service provider/maintenance agreement

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