The Phone Experts has partnered with CudaMail since July of 2011 to help protect business email from Spam and Viruses.

How does CudaMail work?

How Does CudaMail Work?

All email for your organization is first delivered to the CudaMail servers. From there your email is analyzed against the current virus and spam definitions. Any spam or virus emails are removed and the good email is then forwarded on to your mail server.

What are some of the advantages of the CudaMail service over other forms of Spam removal?

  • Email is filtered in the Cloud, preserving system and network resources at your location
  • Automatic User Setup - New users are automatically added to the system
  • Distributed Cloud Architecture - Multiple appliances in geographically distributed data centers
  • Mailbagging - up to 96 hours of email caching in the event that your mail server goes offline
  • Located in Canada, CudaMail has multiple geographically redundant datacenters, with all-in-Canada filtering and processing of your organization's email - which may be vital for your organization's compliance.
  • Starting cost of $1.99 CAD per mailbox *

What is included with the CudaMail service?

  • Anti-Spam Technology
  • Anti-Virus Technology
  • Anti-Spoofing Technology
  • Anti-Phishing Technology
  • Anti-Spyware Technology (email attachments)
  • DoS Protection
  • Encrypted Email Supported. TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • Per User Quarantine Mailboxes
  • Per User Allow / Block lists
  • Compatible with all Email Servers
  • Geographically Redundant Cloud Filter
  • No software to install on your servers or workstations
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Service
  • Multiple Reputation Analysis Systems

Email one of our Data Business Consultants today to find out more about how we can help protect your business email from unwanted spam.

* Minimum monthly charge of $29.95 CAD per domain.

*  Per-domain Bandwidth Usage: 5GB included, additional 1GB fees apply.